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Roberson Wine and LDN CRU: A trip to an urban winery

Urban winery in London

Earlier in the year we refreshed our wine list, a process that we undertake over a period of a few weeks, and which involves tasting hundreds of wines before making our final decision – then begins the task of writing descriptions for all 100+ wines! As part of this lengthy process we visited Roberson Wine, […]

Wine tasting with Passione Vino

Last week Antonio, Andre, Pawel and Manu went to London for Passione Vino’s annual wine tasting, hosted by the charismatic and charming Luca. It was an instructive and fun day for all of us, and here are a few photos. The tasting was held in the Dutch Church – part of the Dutch centre in […]

Wine Tasting with Bibendum

Following on from our recent morning of wine training with one of our favourite suppliers, Luca from Passione Vino, we were joined by another one of our fantastic wine suppliers; Simon Greenhalgh from Bibendum. We’ve worked with Bibendum for almost three years, they’re a fantastic supplier, and it’s always a great afternoon spent trying a number […]