Behind the scenes at Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales

Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales were one of the proud sponsors of this year’s English’s Chef Off and have been a supplier of English’s for the past 5 years. We spent a day with them and spoke to Director Kier Foster before going behind the scenes at their harbour. IMG_8675

How long have you been with BNFS?

10 Years

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with fantastic produce in an ever changing industry. Also talking to great chefs every day and advising what to put on their menu.


What other restaurants do you service?

We supply the best local restaurants like Little Fish Market, 64 Degrees and the Gingerman Group, as well as London restaurants including Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay’s and La Gavroche.


What’s your favourite fish to eat and why?

My favourite is Turbot, its meaty texture and taste is amazing. Superb Fish!

What does the future hold?

Difficult question to answer in this industry. We are going through the process of Brexit and who knows what the future holds? But we must be positive about it. We are working hard to negotiate a better deal for our UK fishermen. Another positive is we currently having the best summer I’ve ever see in my life time and Brighton is really buzzing, this was very much needed after a harsh winter.

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