Staff outing to Billingsgate Fish Market

On the 26th of January at the crack of dawn (3:15am to be precise!), Jonathan the oyster man, Nick the manager, Maria the chef and I headed to Billingsgate Fish Market on an exploratory mission. Take a look at a few photos from our trip below.

Billinsgate Fish Market at night

Not sure when we will have these curious fellows on the menu, but you must agree the Parrotfish are very photogenic.

Parrot fish

The lovely (if a little scary!) Hake, very popular in Europe and gaining in popularity here.


What a lot of prawns, and what a pretty picture they make!

Pile of prawns

Sous Chef Maria carrying out some quality control.

Maria inspecting fish

And to round it off, the slightly flagging Jonathan adding a ‘tiny’ teaspoon of sugar to a well-deserved cuppa. Just to pre-empt the deluge of enquiries – it’s a traditional Icelandic hat!

Jonathan in cafe

We can highly recommend a visit to Billingsgate Fish Market – informative, interesting and vibrant.

Beccy (the waitress, artist and oyster opening champion!)