Although it may not seem it, over the past few years’ lobster has been relatively low priced. Now a number of reasons mean lobster prices will rise considerably over the next few months, and may never come down again.

Tray of fresh lobster waiting to be cooked

Demand across the world, especially from the Far East, has increased enormously in recent years, lobster has never been so popular, so prices are rising. North American lobster farmers can now hold huge quantities of live lobster and do not release them to market until the price is right.

Why are North American lobsters important to us in the UK? Well, as the weather gets colder our lovely local “native” lobsters tend to run away and hide. Catches drop enormously during the autumn/winter months and we then rely on imported stocks to fill demand.

This year’s Brexit vote has massively impacted the price of all imports, including lobster – mostly due to our now poor exchange rate. As a result, we are experiencing a 20% increase in price per lobster.

As the end of the year approaches, unfortunately the cost of lobster will increase, as will the price of our weekly Lobster Night menu, currently £20 for half lobster, garlic chips and glass of Prosecco. At the moment we can’t guarantee a date for when the price of lobster will increase, but safe to say it’s on the horizon…

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