English’s Take a Trip to Lindisfarne Oysters

platter of rock and native oysters

As we approach a new oyster season in April, we took the opportunity to visit one of our longest-running suppliers, Lindisfarne Oysters.

A family business since 1989, the Sutherland’s oyster beds are thought to have originally been founded in 1381 by the Monks of Lindisfarne Priory, and are now known as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to their ancient coastline. The Sutherland family own 1,500 acres of land, including the beach, which boasts huge sand dives leading to white sands, where the oysters are grown.

Jonathan, our head oyster shucker, took a trip down to Lindisfarne Oysters to see for himself where our stunning oysters are farmed – here are some photos from his trip.

Lindisfarne Oysters

Lindisfarne oyster farm

Farming oysters

Sorting oysters

Bags of oysters

To see what we’re serving on our new oyster menu this spring, visit our Rock & Native Oysters page and call 01273 327980 to book a seat at our marble-topped oyster bar, where Jonathan will shuck oysters right in front of you.