English’s win Fishermen’s Mission Restaurant of the Year 2016!

Photo of Andre collecting Restaurant of the Year Award from the Fishermen's Mission

We made our first donation in July 2013, and as we approach our three-year anniversary we are delighted to announce that English’s has been crowned Restaurant of the Year 2016 by The Fishermen’s Mission!

Supporting fishermen and their families, The Fishermen’s Mission provide lifesaving work, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. They offer a range of support, from emergency assistance to providing financial, medical and practical help; this UK charity is a lifeline for fishermen, both working and retired, and their families.

As we approach our three-year anniversary, our customers have helped us raise almost £5,000 for The Fishermen’s Mission, simply by ordering a traditional plate of English’s fish & chips. Every plate gives you the opportunity to add an optional, voluntary donation of 50p to your bill – and as we’ve seen, it can add up to a huge fundraising total.

To find out more about their vital work, visit The Fishermen’s Mission website.

Plate of fish and chips

You can support the Fishermen’s Mission by ordering a plate of English’s fish & chips with crushed peas, now available on our Spring Set Menu, 2 courses £17.95. A voluntary 50p optional donation will be added to your bill, which goes directly to the charity.