Summertime and the Seafood is Sumptuous

Summer has officially arrived, bringing with it our brand-new menu, brimming with the season’s most delightful produce.

Prepare your taste buds for zingy citrus notes, smoky Middle Eastern spices, and fresh Mediterranean ingredients. Each dish is designed to transport you to sun-soaked days and evenings, spent leisurely eating and drinking in the cool, dappled shade of sunnier shores.

Under the expert guidance of our head chef Yuri Magni, our team has crafted one of our most inspired and creative menus to date. We eagerly await your visit to experience it.

Here are the kitchen ‘picks’ from the new items on the menu:


Spiced octopus, BBQ baba ghanoush, pomegranate, cashew nuts G/F



Citrus cured & charred mackerel fillets, fennel & cucumber salad, beetroot ketchup pearls, pink peppercorns yoghurt G/F

Fish of the day, chorizo romesco, cheese stuffed courgette tempura,



Sicilian cannoli, ricotta, candied orange, dark chocolate

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