The team visit the Haward family on West Mersea Island

Staff team out on the boat at West Mersea Island

Two weeks ago, Jonathan (head oyster shucker), Sara (waitress), Carlos (Jnr Sous Chef) and Yuri (Head Chef) headed up to West Mersea Island to spend the day with Richard Haward and his son, Bram out on the boat. The family have been farming rock and native oysters in the Blackwater Estuary for seven generations, and are our long-time oyster supplier. You can find photos from our last trip here.

Fishing boat out at sea

Richard Howard discussing his oyster business with the team

Richard Haward talks to the team about his family history in the rock and native oyster business.

Fishing boats out at sea

Great fun was had by the team – although it was a speedy departure to get off Mersea Island before the tide came in and covered the only road on and off the island!

Hauling in rock and native oysters

Bringing in rock and native oysters. Although native oysters can be caught, they will be returned to the sea to continue the harvesting period until September, when they will be available on our oyster menu.

Jonathan holding a large rock oyster

Jonathan presenting a rather large rock oyster…!

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