The Joys of a Spring Menu

Our new spring menu is here and the combination of fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative flavour pairings is sure to tantalise our customers’ taste buds!

English’s head chef Yuri Magni and the team have crafted an exceptional menu, their passion and creativity shine through in each dish showcasing a commitment to providing our customers with a memorable dining experience.

Here are the kitchen ‘picks’ from the new items on the menu:


Applewood hot smoked rainbow trout, tzatziki, toasted almonds, lime pearls G/F

Beef tartare, guacamole, quail egg yolk, potato puffs, truffle sauce


Fish of the day, banana leaf wrapped prawns & coconut rice, green curry sauce, coriander G/F

Tuna Steak, chimichurri or peppercorn sauce, one side of your choice


Sicilian cannoli, ricotta, pistachio

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