Wine pairings: Black bream, pancetta, and chickpea cassoulet

Over the years our wine list has grown extensively, beginning with 20 bottles to our current offering of over 100. Typically we review our wine selection twice a year, with around 30% ending up replaced, usually with a new style from a different country, or simply something that we find interesting.

We taste every wine on the menu – nothing makes the list otherwise – and over the course of the year we can try up to 300 wines. We regularly host tastings at English’s – you can find photographs from some of them on our Pinterest page, and staff will always take part. Their knowledge of our wine list is impeccable, which is why they can confidently select the right wine for your meal. In this new series we highlight three dishes on the menu, and select a wine that we think compliments each of them perfectly.

Black bream

The dish
One of the most popular dishes on our Winter Menu, grilled fillet of black bream, served with pancetta and a chickpea & bean cassoulet. It’s the kind of hearty food you would expect on a menu that’s taking us through the cold months of winter and into spring.

Pinot Noir des 2 Cerfs 2013, Dopff au Moulin, Alsace (12.5% abv)

Pinot Noir des 2 Cerfs 2013, Dopff au Moulin, Alsace (12.5% abv)

The wine
A relatively new addition to our wine list, it was a unanimous decision when we tasted this fantastic Pinot Noir in January 2015. Dopff au Moulin has been making wine since 1574, and is one of the most respected producers in Alsace. Served chilled or at room temperature, this wine is light bodied, fresh and silky soft, with cherry on the nose.

For wine recommendations ask your waiter, who will be more than happy to select a wine to perfectly match your meal. In the next part of our wine pairings series we’ll be looking at another popular dish from our Winter Menu, Isle of Gigha halibut.

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