New Year, New Menu

The sunshine’s somewhat deceiving, there’s a distinct chill in the air and the memory of snow hasn’t quite faded, but we couldn’t resist adding a sprinkling of spring to our brand new menu.

Plate of scallops with salsa verde and bacon with creamed celeriac

Bursting with winter warmers, we’re serving English’s fish stew, and seabass with garlic pomme purée, spinach, chanterelles & red wine jus – or enjoy plates that prove just how much we’re looking forward to spring, like these pan-fried scallops with creamed celeriac, bacon and salsa verde (above).

We’ve scrapped our seasonal set menu to bring you two exclusive set menus; menu épicurien and menu du pêcheur. The former explores luxurious sensory enjoyment through a five-course meal for £39, whilst the latter translates as Fishermen’s Menu, and offers a taste of the ocean through classics like fish pie and mussels, with vegetarian options found on both.

Coffee cup filled with cappuccino mousse and topped with white creme brûlée

We’ve also designed an entirely new dessert menu, featuring this stunning cappuccino crème brûlée (above). Can’t decide which pudding to choose? Order l’assiette du pâtissier, a mini selection of all of our sweet treats.

To book a table call 01273 327980 or use our online booking calendar. This menu will be available until March 2017.