Gigha halibut: farmed, sustainable, and the perfect fish for summer

With each new menu we try to make sure that as much of our seafood, meat and bread is sustainably sourced, from the UK and supports small businesses, wherever possible. The sustainability of our fish is at the heart of the food we serve, and this summer you’ll find a particularly fantastic dish on the menu; tronchon of Gigha halibut, on the bone, with samphire & clams, and sauce béarnaise.

Gigha halibut, on the bone, with samphire & clams, and sauce béarnaise

Sourced from the Isle of Gigha, community-owned and one of the most beautiful of the Hebridean Islands, this halibut is farmed in small quantities so as to reduce pressure on endangered wild stocks (wild halibut is now an endangered species), and the fish enjoy an organic diet, farmed within clear green seas.

Our suppliers, Gigha Halibut, produce less than 200 tonnes of so-called, ‘happy halibut’ each year. We’re proud to be one of a select few restaurants that serve Gigha Halibut in the UK, and can ensure the welfare of each fish served in our restaurant daily.

Visit the Gigha Halibut website to find out more about this fantastic fish and how it’s farmed, and take a look at our menu to see what else we’re serving this summer.