Sid’s golden oysters are still at large!

While we’ve been enjoying spring’s blue skies out on our sunny terrace, Sid’s been waiting patiently for his Easter scavengers to hunt down the last few golden oysters and claim their Sussex County Cricket Club prizes.

Golden Oysters Scavenger Hunt SCCC

With just FIVE chances left to win, you’ll find our golden oysters hidden between the West and Palace piers on Brighton beach, and a Sussex CCC prize tucked inside each one. Once you’ve found your golden oyster, take a photo of you with it and send it to @SussexCCC on Twitter using the hashtag #GOSH.

You can find more details on the Sussex County Cricket Club website, and make sure you watch the video of Sid’s trip from the Ground to the Beach.

Sid will be back on Friday to collect his golden oysters, so make sure you beat him to it! Happy scavenging.