Interview with Rebecca Larkham, Restaurant Staff

Rebecca Larkham has been with us since late last year, working with our fantastic team of waiting staff. Here we find out what her favourite aspect of the job is and which dish she would pick as her favourite from the new autumn menu.

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How long have you worked at English’s of Brighton for?
I have been at English’s since last November.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Gaining knowledge on food and wine. I also enjoy making guests laugh and have a good time in general!

What’s your past experience in the restaurant business?
I worked as a waitress part-time whilst at University in Leeds, and found that I really enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite dish?
Although all our fish dishes are great, my favourite would have to be our fillet steak, cooked rare, with tiger prawns.


Do you get a lot of feedback from your customers?
I often get feedback on my knowledge of the menu and my passion for the job. I also get some feedback on my finger tattoos.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Going out to eat and drink.

Have you ever seen any of the infamous ghosts that are said to haunt the restaurant?
Not yet, and I hope I don’t!