House smoked Loch Duart salmon: take a look at our process

Head Chef Clayton Green with salmon

At English’s we make all of our Loch Duart smoked salmon in-house, using a three-day, hand-made process.

We cure the salmon for two days, using a mix of coriander, juniper, salt and sugar. After this resting period, we wash the salmon and soak it in water for four hours, to remove the salt. Then it’s left uncovered in the fridge for one day to become tacky to the touch, which helps to attract the smoke during the next stage in the process.

Two salmon lying in tin

We lay the salmon in a smoking tin, and prepare the wood.

Burning wood  with tea

The wood is burnt in a pan, then we use Earl Grey tea leaves to add to the smoky flavour.

Wood on fire

Once the wood is burnt, it’s taken off the hob.

Foil wrapped over tin

The smoking tin is wrapped almost completely in foil, ensuring that no smoke can leak out.

Salmon in tin

The end of the tin is left open, eagerly awaiting the smoked wood.

Ready to go

Finally, we tip in the smoked chips, seal with foil straight away, lay a towel over the top and leave it to rest. The salmon is smoked twice using this process, before being sliced and served.

You’ll find our freshly smoked Loch Duart salmon plated with chive crème fraîche, capers and rye toast as a starter, as part of our starter platter for sharing (served with prawn & scallop ceviche, tuna carpaccio, salt & pepper squid, cod tempura, aïoli, sweet chilli dip and grilled sourdough) and as part of our summer set menu, served as a salad with tomato, fennel, mozzarella, with a  balsamic dressing.

Visit our Book a Table page to enjoy our hot smoked salmon out on the terrace this summer.