Wine tasting with Passione Vino

Last week Antonio, Andre, Pawel and Manu went to London for Passione Vino’s annual wine tasting, hosted by the charismatic and charming Luca. It was an instructive and fun day for all of us, and here are a few photos.

Dutch Church

The tasting was held in the Dutch Church – part of the Dutch centre in London.

Manu, Pawel and Antonio

Manu, Pawel and Antonio getting their taste buds ready!


Antonio had a wonderful time tasting the wines on offer from his home country.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this beautiful Barolo somewhere on our list.


We were thrilled to take part in a masterclass – “Amarone and it’s styles”.

Malcolm Gluck

Malcolm Gluck (journalist) discussing with the wine makers, Messrs Meroni and Antolini, from two different wineries.


The entry level Valpolicella from both wineries discussed in the masterclass.


A huge thank you from all of us to Luca for this opportunity. To find out more about Luca and Passione Vino read our blog from last year, when Luca came to visit us at English’s. You can find Passione Vino on Twitter and Facebook.