Behind the Scenes: Making the Video  

In case you haven’t spotted it yet, over on our About Us page we have a brand new video. It takes you behind the scenes at English’s of Brighton, giving you an insight into what a day’s work is like here – from start to finish.

IMG_6816 (2)

Video Shooting

It was great fun to put together, and reflects our busy day from start to finish. You’ll see us receiving our morning’s fresh seafood and bread deliveries to the huge amount of prep our team of chefs undertake. You’ll get into the middle of the action, in the heat of the kitchen, during the busiest part of our evening service before we shut up shop for the evening.

Anyway, enough talking – watch our A Day in the Life of English’s video and tell us what you think, either on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re keen to see a bit more behind-the-scenes action, check out our Pinterest board. It’s got over 50 photographs of what goes into making sure every single diner enjoys their meal at English’s.


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